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About Us

Everest Equity Pvt. Ltd. (EE) is a limited liability company registered at the Company Registrar's Office and Inland Revenue Department of Government of Nepal. The company is a private equity company and a sponsor fund for Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds in Nepal. The board of directors, founding promoters and management team of the company are locally and globally experienced energy sector entrepreneurs, hydropower engineers and banking and finance experts with a strong energy sector focus. The EE team has developed onshore research team with scrutinized due diligence processes and portfolio selection and continuously seek to minimize risks and generate higher level of returns for the investors. We believe in growth equity investments within stable sectors and industries prevailed in Nepal; thus offering investors (Foreign and Domestic LPs and co-investors) unparalleled access to those portfolios and investment opportunities.

Everest Energy Impact Fund is an offshore fund focused on the energy sector targeted for high net-worth investors (HNIs), impact investors, institutions, and International Development Agencies. A USD 25 million energy fund focused on renewable and clean energy; to support the economy in solving the energy crisis in Nepal and whereby providing significant advantages to diversify LPs existing portfolio as well as providing them with superior returns. Thus, this fund generates economic, social and environmental benefits to the economy, investors and the people of this region. We are currently negotiating on the finalization of term sheet agreement with LPs for operation of the impact fund.

  1. Hydropower
  2. Solar Energy
  3. Wind Energy
  4. Other Alternative Energy with Clean and Renewable Sources

We are currently making financial closure with LPs for operation of the impact fund.